Chambre d’hôtes Maison Bondaz

The Family Bondaz

Laurent welcomes you

Laurent , 36, has been present at Maison Bondaz since the very beginning, from conception to completion. It is he who greets you on your arrival, it is to him that you can ask any questions. He will try to share with you its ties with the culture and with the territory.

Michel offers its products

Michel , 38, an agronomist , has inherited his passion for farming from his father Frédéric. He devotes a lot of time to modernize and enlarge the family farm. The farmland is heated by the sun on the slopes of Aosta. Its apples , grapes, strawberries, raspberries , apricots , peaches will be on your table every day for you to share the taste of our land.

Jeannette will pamper you at the table

Jeannette , 33, loves to cook ... it is her who will be responsible for the preparation of your meals so your stay is memorable from the start.

Frédéric and Laurette

Frédéric and Laurette have the most important task, to look after the four grandchildren : Remy , Jacques , Julien,Yannick and Anais while their parents work . They are the most important part of any structure, the foundations.



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