Chambre d’hôtes Maison Bondaz

Six unique rooms

The room n°1 : Caillou

The soft and natural color ecru accompanies the materials of the traditional Aosta Valley, stone and wood, which are found in the original furnishings and the bathroom floor ... an exciting journey to the Aosta of 1600AD.

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The room n°2 : Château

This room welcomes you into an atmosphere of romance, from the large bed decorated and embellished with an original poster and historic furnishings. The outer covering of the original stone window, canopy and a medieval sword painted by Chicco Margaroli ...

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The room n°3 : Fleur

This room is filled with Nature with an explosion of blooming plants painted by the artist, Chicco Margaroli that continue across the ceiling. There are elements of nature and art which invites you to relax ...

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The room n°4 : Gourmande

This room has a red wall from which rises a rose, there are also spontaneous rustic flowers with white rose petals. A reminder of the ancient origins of our home are in the wall in stone and the beautiful wooden wardrobe.

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The room n°5: Sensation

A simple room, which gives a comfortable and tranquil feeling. The cream walls bring out the wide selection of fabrics that characterize the environment. The original cabinet completes this light but impressive atmosphere.

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Room n°6: Souvenir

A room with a little retro flavor that holds fragments of the landscapes and times in the murals of the artist Chicco Margaroli. An intimate discovery of a place, a region, with the colors and shapes ...

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