Chambre d’hôtes Maison Bondaz

Tradition and modernity

Stay in a charming environment

The chambres d'hôtes Maison Bondaz combines elements of simple modern contemporary style with the charm and character of the ancient stones.

The combination of the structure and furnishings have been entrusted to the architects Béchaz Sergio and Roberto Rosset who were able to characterize the whole renovation. During the renovation of the building particular attention has been paid to the quality of the materials used, preferring where possible, natural eco-friendly materials.

The air conditioning was carried out with the use of innovative technologies Comfosystems company Zehnder (Partner KlimaHouse ) . In particular, this system ensures a comfortable, healthy and efficient system from the point of view of energy as the ventilation is achieved thanks to a geothermal heat exchanger system for cooling the fresh air .

Many elements of the chambres d' hôtes Maison Bondaz depart from the origin of this house : the tables that hold the sink in the bathrooms, the reception table as well as that of the kitchen were made with the staves of the barrels that were once in the basement of Maison Bondaz .

A steel arch, in the breakfast room , says the heart of the structure and became the logo dell'affittacamere . In the same room there is also a thermal chimney that in addition to giving a natural flame that heats the room , provides warmth to the whole structure.

All rooms are air-conditioned with an exchange system of hot / cold air, are connected to the internet via wireless and have satellite TV .

Maison Bondaz


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